Friday, April 29, 2011

Do You Want to Start a Game Dev Company? Sure, We All Do.

If you're anything like me, you've wanted to create your own game development company (and travel to space, but I digress).  Now you can with the help of Game Dev Story on the iPhone.  Game Dev Story allows you to take the reigns and be the boss of the next Valve, Blizzard, or BioWare.  You have control to name your company, pick the name, genre, and platform of your games, and hire/fire staff.  The game also has big events similar to E3 for you to participate in, and it lets you control what you spend and where for your advertising.

I enjoy the game's clever names for the people that you can hire for your company.  Many names are similar to those who work in the gaming/technology industry.  You'll see some famous musicians scattered throughout the sound designers, and of course, the amazingly talented programmer Gilly Bates.  The better your staff, the more successful your game.  It's a good idea to pick genres that work together when developing your games.  They tend to be more successful, but it is a challenge in the beginning of the game.  Sometimes you get developers that have very different styles/capabilities.

This game isn't fresh from the AppStore, or free, but it is worth picking up.  Though this game was developed for the iPhone, I strongly suggest you play it on an iPad if you've got one.  Since the game is in the style of 16-bit graphics, it still looks great stretched to the iPad's display.  Just to warn you, this game causes mild cases of time travel.  I started playing this on a Tuesday, and now it is the end of April.  Pick up Game Dev Story for $3.99 on the AppStore today.

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