Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Zombie Week Redux: Wednesday - Plants Vs. Zombies

Many of you have probably already played Pop Cap's puzzle/defense game Plants vs. Zombies, but in case you haven't I'm here to let you know a bit more about it.  PvZ is a delightful game available for the iPhone, iPad, and PC/Mac.  The objective is to prevent the hilarious zombie horde from entering your home and eating your brains.  Your faithful friends, plants, are here to protect you.  You acquire sun power to help generate more plants to keep your home (and brains) safe.  The zombie characters are very well done, and the plants abilities and names are well thought out.  This is a game that I thought I would never enjoy, but became addicted to it like crack.  If you don't own it already, pick it up for any platform.  You do, however, get more content in the PC/Mac version of the game.  There are various mini games that you do not have access to in the iOS version.  Though no matter what you play it on, you'll have a blast.

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